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1.2 After Construction

Ships that are less than 20 years old and below 100 gross tons or special ships whose gross tonnage is unrestricted may have a classification survey conducted after construction. However, this does not apply to fishing vessels less than 24 meters long which will operate in coastal service, or any ship which was not surveyed during construction by its flag administration, EM is authorized to issue convention certificates by certain foreign flags and where authorized to do so, will issue the certificate at the appropriate foreign flag ship registry.

Classification surveys can be conducted after the construction of non-KR classed ships. In the classification survey conducted after construction, the actual scantlings of the main parts of the ship are to be measured in addition to an examination of the construction, materials, workmanship and actual conditions of hull, machinery, outfittings, and equipment. The special survey will correspond with the ship's age, to ensure that it meets the relevant requirements.

In the case of a classification survey conducted after construction, the plans and documents; which would have been required for a classification survey during construction, will need to be submitted and approved.

At vessel's delivery, notice to owner
At the vessel's delivery, the new owner must obtain the documents on board from the previous owner as soon as possible. The following documents should be obtained from the previous owner to avoid unnecessary time delay and expenses.
  • Freeboard Assignment
  • Tonnage Calculation Sheets
  • In the case of a Bulk Carrier contracted prior to 01 July 1998, the URS19 & URS31 Calculation Sheets