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2.3 ISPS Code

Audit procedure for Ships

ISPS Code (International Code for the Security of Ships and of Port Facilities) was formulated and adopted by International Maritime Organization (IMO) in the aftermath of tragic events of 11th September 2004 to enhance the maritime security of ships, including LNG and LPG vessels, and port facilities against acts of terrorism。

Adoption progress and effectuation date of ISPS Code

Preparation for ISPS implementation
  • Appointment of Company Security Officer (CSO)and Ship Security Officer (SSO)
  • Ship Security Officer (SSO)
  • Preparation of Ship Security Plan (SSP) for each ship
  • (SSP is approved dy the flag Administration or Recognized Security Organization)

  • the following types of ships engaged on international voyages:
  • passenger ships, including high-speed passenger craft;
  • cargo ships, including high-speed craft, of 500 gross tonnage and upwards; and
  • mobile offshore drilling units; and port facility serving such ships engaged on international voyages.