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China's automated container terminal sets new world record
Source:Shandong Port | Author:MAX | Published time: 2024-01-09 | 154 Views | Share:

The third phase of the automated terminal of the Qingdao Port recently set a new world record in operational efficiency when the average single-machine operational efficiency of the bridge cranes in the terminal reached 60.2 TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent units) per hour.

This achievement marks the 10th time that Qingdao Port's automated terminal has broken the world record for loading and unloading efficiency, and it underscores China's prowess in the field of automated terminal construction.

The success of Qingdao Port's automated terminal can be attributed to its six independent breakthroughs and 12 innovative achievements. These advancements signify China's ability to develop and implement entirely independent and controllable solutions in the field of automated terminal construction.

The launch of the terminal's third phase means the total length of the automated container terminal's shoreline has increased to 2,088 meters. The terminal's comprehensive service efficiency has also witnessed a significant boost of 6 percent due to the widespread utilization of domestically produced automated electrical control systems and other advanced technological equipment.

The notable progress made by the automated terminal is exemplified by its ability to break the world record within less than a week of operation. This accomplishment serves as a testament to the advantages offered by new technologies in optimizing terminal operations. Moreover, it demonstrates China's impressive technological strength in the realm of automated terminals.