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Vale's Port of Tubarão receives maiden voyage of Berge Olympus with rigid wings to transport iron ore
Source:VALE | Author:MAX | Published time: 2023-11-27 | 204 Views | Share:

New technology improves efficiency and reduces carbon emissions

The Vale's Port of Tubarão in Vitória, in southeast Brazil, welcomed 22nd the maiden voyage of the Berge Olympus, a Newcastlemax bulk carrier adapted and equipped with four large, rigid wings. Known as BARTech WindWings, each sail installed has an aerodynamic span of 37.5 meters height and 20 meters width, and use wind energy to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The Berge Olympus will save up to 6 tonnes of fuel per day on an average worldwide route and, in the process, reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 19.5 tonnes per day.

The project was developed by Berge Bulk, a shipowner contracted by Vale to transport iron ore, which is investing heavily in incorporating cutting-edge efficiency and environmental innovation into maritime transportation. The WindWings installation is part of Berge Bulk's ambition to become carbon neutral by 2025.

The vessel docked at the Port of Tubarão left China on October 1 and will return to the same country. The loading process takes an average of 24 hours.

Vale is committed to supporting the maritime industry in achieving the International Maritime Organization's (IMO) decarbonization targets. The Ecoshipping program, created by the company to support the shipping industry in reducing its emissions, is carrying out comprehensive studies to welcome vessels with different sail configurations into its ports. Aspects of maneuvering, mooring and loading are evaluated so that the entire operation is carried out without interruption, and thus ensuring the high performance of its ports.

"We are committed to supporting shipowners with their ideas and projects that aim to achieve the IMO's goals of decarbonizing shipping," says Michelle Gonzalez, General Manager of Chartering, Long-Term Contracts and Operations at Vale. "The Berge Olympus is currently performing a medium-term contract for the transportation of iron ore for Vale and we are very excited with the partnership developed with Berge Bulk, which facilitated the realization of the project," she adds.

The Port of Tubarão's loading manager, Allan Ayres, highlights the importance of this operation. "We are proud to welcome the vessel with rigid wings to the Port of Tubarão on its maiden voyage. It reinforces how efficient and innovative the fleet of ships that transports ore for Vale is, while at the same time consolidating Espírito Santo's pioneering spirit," he says.

“Berge Bulk is dedicated to innovation and sustainability in maritime transportation. The installation of WindWings on the Berge Olympus aligns with our vision to set industry standards for environmental responsibility and efficiency. We appreciate the collaboration with Vale and remain committed to pioneering initiatives,” said Berge Bulk’s CEO, James Marshall.