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Addressing challenges faced by seafarers in Asia
Source: | Author:IMO | Publish time: 2020-10-30 | 196 Views | Share:

IMO has held the latest in a series of regional events to identify best practices and help alleviate the current crisis affecting seafarers and the shipping industry. The Asia regional webinar (4-5 November) featured 13 speakers from across maritime administrations, governments, UN partners and international shipping organizations.

They gave insights into a number of key issues, including their particular approaches to travel, quarantine measures, medical guidance, digital certification, e-learning courses. UN partners provided an update on travel-related guidance, IMO action (including measures being considered at IMO's Maritime Safety Committeet this week) and the current situation affecting seafarers. A major recurring theme was the need for interagency cooperation at all levels – local, regional and national.

In his opening remarks, IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim reiterated his call for all stakeholders to work together to facilitate crew changes and that this series of regional webinars will be crucial in helping to identify practical solutions.