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World's first ammonia-powered container ship will be built at China shipyard
Source:XINDE MARINE NEWS | Author:MAX | Published time: 2024-02-18 | 124 Views | Share:

Expected to be delivered by mid-2026, CMB.TECH announced that world's first ammonia-powered container ship "Yara Eyde" will be build at Qingdao Yangfan Shipbuilding in China. 

Yara Eyde, a 1.400 TEU ice-class container ship, serving routes between Norway and Germany, will be owned by Delphis, the container division of CMB.TECH and operated by NCL Oslofjord AS, a joint venture between North Sea Container Line and Yara Clean Ammonia. The commercial operations will be managed by NCL’s existing set-up while Yara Clean Ammonia will deliver ammonia fuel to the vessel. The joint venture has secured a long-term CoA with Yara International for the freight of containers between Yara’s fertilizer plant in Porsgrunn, Norway and Hamburg and Bremerhaven in Germany. It is their aim to become the world’s first line operator to focus exclusively on ammonia-powered ships.

Alexander Saverys, CEO of CMB.TECH: "We are delighted to partner up with Yara and NCL to build the world’s first ammonia-powered container ship. Yara, NCL and CMB.TECH are walking the talk to decarbonise shipping by combining our knowhow on clean ammonia, operational excellence in the North Sea and state-of-the-art low-carbon ships. We want to prove to the world that we can decarbonise today to navigate tomorrow.”