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China-Built World's Largest Container Ship Delivered
Source: | Author:MAX | Published time: 2023-03-16 | 369 Views | Share:

A new record for the world's largest class of Chinese-made container ships was born in Shanghai. Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of China Shipbuilding Group Co. Ltd. and China Shipbuilding Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. have recently named and delivered the first vessel of the 24,116 TEU ultra-large container ship series "MSC TESSA" for Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) at the Zhongguo Changxing Shipbuilding Base.

This is the largest class of container ship in the world, The ship is designed by Hudong-Zhonghua independently, with completely independent intellectual property rights, and is registered with DNV classification society. The total length of the ship is 399.99 meters, more than 60 meters longer than the world's largest aircraft carrier; the width is 61.5 meters, the deck area is similar to 4 standard soccer fields; the depth is 33.2 meters, the maximum number of stacking layers can reach 25 layers, equivalent to the height of 22 floors, can carry more than 240,000 tons of cargo, once can be loaded with 24,116 standard containers, breaking the record of 24,000 TEU container volume set by the ultra-large container ship "Chang Yi" delivered last June.

The vessel is equipped with hybrid Scrubber desulfurization device, as well as unique small bulbous bow, large diameter propeller and energy-saving duct. At the same time, the air bubble reduction system is adopted for the first time, which not only effectively reduces the total energy consumption of the ship, but also reduces the carbon emission by 3%-4% of the corresponding total amount, which can be reduced by more than 6,000 tons in a year. The shaft belt generator system is adopted for the first time, which can effectively reduce fuel consumption, optimize fuel consumption and ship energy efficiency design index (EEDI), and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

During the design and construction of the vessel, Hudong-Zhonghua's design team focused on the characteristics of the shipowner's operating routes and further optimized the ship's superstructure, radar mast and other related designs, while reasonably and effectively increasing its maximum container capacity. The ship combines many highlights and features such as green, environmental protection, high efficiency, energy saving, economy and safety, and becomes the latest Chinese version of the world's ultra-large container ship design.

Mediterranean Shipping Company, the world's leading shipping company with the world's largest container ship fleet, has ordered four 24,116 TEU ultra-large container ships from Hudong-Zhonghua. At present, the No. 2 vessel of Mediterranean Shipping has completed its sea trial, and the No. 3 and No. 4 vessels are also being built in a fast pace, and according to the plan, they will be delivered one after another before August.